About Us

About Us.

Bee Keong Restaurant is established by Mr Tan Toh Wah with the intention to provide a place of jobs and a place of gathering  for family members. It started with four partners – 3 brothers and a friend in 1982 and two partners resigned and left the two Tan’s brothers to own the canteen located in 5058 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 Singapore 569561.

The Tan’s brothers operates the canteen more than twenty years in 5058. The two Mr Tan spent half of their life operating and keeping the business go on with determination and  steadiness despite the up and down of the Singapore Economical cycles.

The Tan family operates the drink stall since 1982 and lease out the remaining 10 stalls selling Economical Rice, Mixed Economical Bee Hoon, Fishball Noodles, Western Food, Malay Food and Fruits.

Now Bee Keong also set up own Seafood Stall selling seafood since 27 December 2013 with operating hour  from 10.00am to 10pm while the whole canteen open from 6am to 10pm seven (7) day a week and only closed on Public Holiday. The seafood stall also provide morning breakfast - Congee and noodle from 6.30am to 5.00pm.